About Us

   Marsman is driven by a team of professionals and an eminent Board of Directors, all of whom possess strong domain knowledge and expertise. The Company is promoted by Mr. Tejendra M Varma,a dynamic entrepreneur, successfully setting up & running the activities of the company since inception in the year 1986 

                                        Mr. T.M.VARMA

           The Founder Chairman of the Company has a vast 40 + years of Experience in Crushing & Mining Industry. As one of the pioneers in  the rock crushing industry, he began his career in the year 1975 as a proprietor and later on in the year 1986 he got the business converted into a corporate body.. He continues to guide and lead the Company’s business as the Chairman of the Board of Directors..

      He has been a guiding factor for the growth and development of the Company, which is known for its timely execution of large-scale   works to the exacting quality standards. Mr. Varma is person to be  reckoned with in social circles. He has philanthropic inclinations.       


        The Managing Director of the Company, he holds a bachelor’s degree In Mechanical Engineering. A task master, with robust common sense, affable     nature and innovative ideas, he has been instrumental in leading the Company To higher strata in crushing industry with a foray in the realty business segment. He has an experience of 14 years in the industry & and has attained firsthand experience in Production, Quality Control & Marketing.